Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Membership Benefits

Free Registration
  • Registration is simple, fast, and 100% free!
Create Your Profile
  • Let area residents know who's on patrol. Get to know residents and let them get to know you
  • List employed agency
  • List active duties
  • List rank, and much more
Post Criminal Activity Alerts   
  • Post alerts on the "Neighborhood and Community Walls" so area residents are aware of criminal activity and anyone with tips can come forward to help solve crimes
Receive Criminal Activity Alerts from Neighbors
  • Residents can send you tips about neighborhood crime using our internal private messaging system. Communicate directly with residents to help solve neighborhood and community crimes
  • Opt in to receive neighborhood and community alerts by email as soon as they are posted on the walls
Property Item Search
  • This feature allows registered law enforcement officers to search our nationwide database for serial numbers of recovered stolen property, or to check if property has been stolen when checking pawn shops, etc. Our database will list complete ownership details of any property that has been reported stolen so the property can immediately be returned to the rightful owner.