Join forces with Neighbor Watch Corporation and your neighbors to come together with law enforcement using our online platform to help fight crime in your neighborhood and surrounding community. Neighbor Watch Corporation provides a unique platform where neighbors can register online and instantly begin interacting with other neighbors by posting crime alerts via our Neighbor Watch "Neighborhood Wall".

  • We offer many online tools that help raise awareness of suspicious activities and crimes committed in your neighborhood and surrounding areas.
  • Our unique online system enables you to report crimes and suspicious activity to other neighbors and law enforcement in real time.
  • Once you post an alert every registered member that lives in your neighborhood will instantly receive the alert via email or text message.

Membership Benefits

  • Membership is exclusive to residents that reside in the neighborhood or subdivision in which they register for.
  • All members are automatically verified so you can feel confident knowing the people you interact with are indeed your neighbors.
  • For added privacy you have the option to hide your last name and address from other members.
Meet your neighbors
  • Interact with and get to know your neighbors online. Come together with law enforcement and take a stand against criminal activity.
  • Private communication features using our internal email system.
Receive instant alerts by email/text if a home in your neighborhood is being burglarized
  • Be aware of criminal activity as it takes place in your neighborhood.
  • Being aware of criminal activity allows you to gather your family and secure your home until police arrive on scene.
Post crime alerts on the "Neighborhood Wall"
  • Post a photo and description of any criminal activity to the "Neighborhood Wall".
  • Registered members that live in your neighborhood including registered law enforcement officers will see your alerts.
  • Opt in to receive neighborhood alerts by email as soon as they are posted.
  • Post alerts showing your profile name or post anonymously to protect your identity.
  • All alerts will be related to crime, not lost pets, garage sales, etc..
Post important alerts on the "Community Wall"
  • This wall consists of several neighborhoods within a certain perimeter up to several miles.
  • This wall is particularly helpful to alerting the entire community if crimes are being committed in several neighborhoods located within the same proximity.
License Plate Check
  • Get the license plate number of a suspicious vehicle and type it in the Neighbor Watch database to see if the vehicle is registered to a member that lives in your neighborhood.
  • Ease your mind if the vehicle belongs to a registered neighbor or be on the alert if not.
Who's on Patrol
  • This feature will allow you to view all the registered law enforcement officers that patrol your neighborhood and community.
  • Communicate with the officers directly using our internal private messaging system if or when criminal activity takes place in your neighborhood.
  • Get to know the officers that patrol your neighborhood and introduce yourself so they get to know you as well.
  • This feature allows you to communicate directly with your home owners association
  • Send complaints or other important information directly to your HOA using our private internal messaging system.
  • Receive HOA newsletters, tips, events, and much more directly from your HOA.
School Administrators
  • This feature allows you to communicate directly with the school your child attends.
  • Make contact with the HR, the principal or teacher about your child.
  • Registered parents and students can also report any criminal activity that has taken place or might take place on campus.
  • This feature allows you to view a map of crimes that have been committed in the area you designate. For example, inputting your address will return results of crimes that have taken place near your residence. Most people have no clue as to what type of crimes are being committed in their neighborhood and surrounding community unless it's reported on the news.
  • With CrimeLIVE, you will know exactly what is going on when it comes to crime.
Annual Membership and Residence Verification Fee
  • $19.95 for full unlimited access!
  • Membership valid for one full year!
  • Register now for free limited access so you can see our members portal and all the features we offer!